When Should I See A Otolaryngologist?

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When Should I See A Otolaryngologist?

Could you benefit from turning to an ear, nose and throat doctor?

There are many reasons to turn to our Munster, IN, otolaryngologist Dr. Arthur Katz for care. Here are just some of the top reasons,

You Have Ringing in Your Ears

We evaluate many people dealing with tinnitus (aka ringing in the ears). It can be caused by loud noises, certain medications, hearing loss, blood pressure fluctuations or other medication conditions, but sometimes there is no apparent cause. If you deal with persistent or severe ringing of the ears, our team offers strategies to help improve these symptoms.  

You’re Experiencing Vertigo

While many conditions can lead to dizziness or that spinning sensation, most people don’t realize the role their inner ear plays in balance. The crystals in your inner ear help with balance, so when they have shifted or are dislodged, this can lead to a condition known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. If you get dizzy when changing positions, bending over or rolling over, it’s time to see our ENT team.

You’re Dealing with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is often gradual, so you may suddenly find yourself having to turn up the volume on the TV or radio to hear it. You may ask people to repeat themselves more often, or you may have trouble understanding what people are saying in a noisy or crowded environment. These can all be signs of hearing loss and warrant turning to our team for a quick, painless hearing screening.

You Have Severe or Persistent Ear Infections

While ear infections are prevalent in children under six years old, this doesn’t mean that adults can’t still get them, too. Everything from allergies to colds can bring on an ear infection. When they are severely painful or impact your balance, that’s when you should make an immediate appointment with our Munster, IN, otolaryngologist. If you or your child deal with multiple infections each year, it’s also time to schedule an appointment with us.

You Have a Chronic Sinus Infection

Sinus infections happen, but when the nasal congestion, trouble breathing and facial pressure last for 12 weeks or more, this is a sign of chronic sinusitis. If you have a chronic sinus infection, it’s a good idea to turn to a medical professional for treatment to reduce persistent inflammation and swelling of the sinus passages and improve nasal breathing.

If you are looking for an otolaryngologist that provides care to the Munster, IN, and Olympia Fields, IL, communities, then you’ve come to the right place. Call (219) 934-9396 or (708) 747-6900 today to schedule a consultation with our own Dr. Katz.