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FAQs About Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have become so customizable over the years that there can be a lot of information to filter. Dr. Arthur Katz would like to answer some frequently asked questions about hearing aids.

FAQs About Hearing Aids

Is Background Noise Still an Issue?

Microphones still have no full way of knowing what is “background” noise versus sound you wish to hear. However, voice recognition technology has made it much easier for a microphone to determine speech versus noise and can amplify the speech over the other sounds. 

How Long is the Process of Getting Hearing Aids?

That depends. For so long as there are no special needs, your ear can be fitted on the initial visit. If an unusual need or shape is required, then a follow-up visit may be required. From there, receiving the hearing aid is a matter of which type is selected and what features are added (if any)?

What Are the Types of Hearing Aids?

There are Behind the Ear hearing aids, which have a portion that feeds into the ear. There are the common Full Shell size hearing aids, which fit inside the ear. Then, there are the Canal size hearing aids, which consume less space inside the ear. All use the same circuitry and are mainly chosen according to need and appearance.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Hearing Aids?

There are many reasons that this is not a good idea. For starters, the canal fit may not be proper, which results in a loss of effectiveness. From there, the strength may be inappropriate for your needs. Anything that is stronger or weaker may inadvertently accelerate hearing loss. 

When Should I Consider a Hearing Aid?

This is a personal decision and requires a lot of reflection on your situation. Delaying addressing hearing loss can serve to make hearing loss occur faster. Believe it or not, getting hearing aids sooner, rather than later, can prolong the level of hearing that you still have. 

How Do I Find a Qualified Doctor to Help?

Patients in the Munster, IN, area need to look no further. Dr. Arthur Katz has a focus on otolaryngology and has an outstanding professional team to assist. To learn how Dr. Katz can help answer your hearing aid questions, call (219) 934-9396 or (708) 747-6900 to schedule a consultation.