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Is Balloon Sinuplasty Right for Me?

Dr. Arthur Katz in Merrillville and Munster, IN, and Olympia Fields, IL provides the option of balloon sinuplasty to patients suffering from chronic sinus problems. Before you inquire about it, you should know what it is and its benefits.

General Information 

Balloon sinuplasty is a procedure performed under a general anesthetic. Rather than using a scalpel and other similar surgical tools, the surgery consists of our practitioner using a catheter with a tiny balloon at the end of it. Our physician inserts the tube into the passageways of your sinuses and inflates the balloon gradually. Ultimately, this gently opens the sinus passageways. 

The doctor then deflates the balloon and removes it from the sinus cavities. The end result is your sinuses are open and can drain and function properly. 

Candidates for Balloon Sinuplasty 

Our practitioner may recommend this if you've recently been diagnosed with sinus problems and conventional methods don't seem to be effective. 

Sometimes, this treatment is given to patients with long-term, unaddressed sinus problems, but it tends to be less effective and hit or miss in these patients. 

Our practitioner may recommend you receive balloon sinuplasty if you have recurring sinus infections that aren't responsive to drug therapy. If you have chronic nasal problems that may potentially include headaches around your eyes, this procedure could benefit you. 

Benefits and Risks 

Unlike surgical correction, this procedure requires no incisions, leading to a quicker recovery time. Often, you have less bleeding and bruising during and after the procedure. You're also at less risk of infection, and patients who receive this treatment tend to have less pain than if they had surgery.

In certain patients, this treatment isn't as effective. Dr. Katz will thoroughly screen you before recommending this option for that reason. 

One of the more common side effects is a swollen nasal cavity. Bloody drainage could occur as well. Congestion and a temporary change in your facial appearance may happen. All of these side effects are temporary. And our surgeon takes every step possible to minimize your risk of any serious effects. 

Balloon sinuplasty is a possible solution if you have frequent sinus infections that don't respond to medications, among other possible issues. The goal of our treatment is to ease your pain and discomfort and enhance function.

Contact Dr. Arthur Katz in Merrillville and Munster, IN, and Olympia Fields, IL. Call today for more information at (219) 934-9396 for the office in Munster, IN, (219) 769-8441 for the office in Merrillville, IN, and (708) 747-6900 for the office in Olympia Fields, IL.