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Find Relief From Your Chronic Sinus Problems

Learn more about balloon sinuplasty from your Munster ENT.

A sinus infection every once in a while is usually nothing to worry about. However, when those infections begin to occur more and more sinus painfrequently, it may be time to see your ear, nose and throat doctor. Balloon sinuplasty can help you find relief from your chronic sinus problems. Learn more with Dr. Arthur Katz in Munster, IN.

What is balloon sinuplasty? 
Balloon sinuplasty is an effective treatment for cases of chronic sinusitis which do not respond to medication. Also known as balloon sinus dilation, balloon sinuplasty uses local anesthetic to numb the sinus area and normally takes under an hour. After the procedure, most patients report no downtime and that they can return to their normal daily activities immediately. The procedure itself involves inserting long, thin balloons into the sinus cavity and inflating them, expanding the sinuses to allow their contents to drain properly.

Recognizing Chronic Sinusitis
Acute and chronic sinusitis have many of the same symptoms, including:

  • pain, swelling or pressure in the facial area
  • thick yellow or green nasal discharge which may flow down the throat
  • sore throat
  • ear pain
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • nausea
  • heavy congestion
  • increased difficulty breathing through the nose

Chronic sinusitis occurs when these symptoms last longer than a few weeks. Additionally, acute sinusitis usually occurs alongside a fever, while patients usually do not experience fever with chronic sinusitis.

Chronic Sinusitis Risk Factors
Those who have existing autoimmune disorders may be more prone to chronic sinusitis than others. Chronic sinusitis occurs more often in people with allergies and asthma, making people who live in areas especially concentrated with allergens even more at-risk. Studies have show chronic sinusitis occurs more frequently in those who have nasal abnormalities like a deviated septum.

For more information on balloon sinuplasty, please contact Dr. Katz in Munster, IN. Call (219) 934-9396 to schedule your consultation for balloon sinuplasty with Dr. Katz today!